Best Jigsaws In 2022 (Review)

Last Updated on January 24, 2022

Jigsaw or sabre saw is often used to cut curves in wood.  Unlike the cross-cutting of a circular saw, the narrow blades of a jigsaw move up and down, providing precise cuts along a curve. There are a variety of jigsaws on the market, this guide will help you choose the jigsaw that best suits your needs.

Best Overall: Bosch JS470E

Best Budget: SKIL JS313101

Best for Diyers: PORTER-CABLE PCE345

Best Cordless: DEWALT DCS334B

Best Barrel-Grip: Bosch JS470EB

What to consider when buying

Corded or Cordless

Cordless jigsaws are more portable and suitable for outdoor work; but you need to consider the cost of batteries, cordless tools are more expensive. The corded jigsaws are suitable for long hours of work, and they have sufficient power to cut thicker wood.


As power tools, power determines their ability to cut wood. Now the common jigsaw is 6-7 amps, and some cheap models are 5 amps.

Blade Style

There are two types of jigsaw blades: T-shank or U-shank blades. T-shank blades are well received due to its easy-locking technology; U-shank blades require tools for installation, which is really troublesome.


Jigsaws have two kinds of grips: barrel grip or D-handle. The D-handle wraps your hand completely around the tool; The barrel grip can bring your hand closer to the material you’re cutting. This is just a matter of preference, everyone has his own choice.

Best Jigsaw Reviews

Bosch JS470E has powerful cutting ability and incredible accuracy. Just like other Bosch tools, it’s made with parts that are precisely engineered to last. This model consists of a 7 amp motor and is one of the most powerful motors on the market.

It also has a 4-track adjustment setting that allows you to set the cutting type from fast to smooth. Complementing this is variable speed control, which can help you get a perfect cut by adjusting the speed according to the type of work.

Apart from these, the tool-less blade change system on the Bosch JS470E allows for quick and easy blade replacement, and you can eject the hot blade without touching it.

Most importantly, the large and sturdy cast foot with steel insert and low-vibration design allow you to maintain a smooth and accurate cut when you get strong power.

  • Smart locking function facilitates long-distance cutting
  • 120V, 3100SPM
  • Ergonomic handle provides you with comfort and stability
  • The built-in dust collector ensures that the sawdust will not cover the cutting line

Not everyone needs top jigsaw, if your needs are simple and you only use the saw occasionally for basic tasks, you will find that SKIL JS313101 can handle all your requirements at a very reasonable price.

The 5.0 amp motor and 3000RPM speed can handle almost any task of the homeowner, of course, be careful with harder wood. Along with this, it also has 4 track adjustment settings, allowing you to flexibly set the cutting type from fast to smooth. Furthermore, the variable speed control can adjust the speed according to different materials to help you get a perfect cut.

Finally, this model uses an ergonomic handle to provide you with comfort and stability during operation.

  • It is very light and weighs only 5.2 pounds
  • Bevel adjustment allows you to create angled cuts
  • Tool-free blade change makes blade replacement easy
  • The built-in dust blower can keep the debris away from your project and keep your sight unobstructed.

For serious DIYers, we like PORTER-CABLE PCE345. Because it is an excellent all-rounder, and the price is very affordable. Especially it comes with a 7-speed setting, which allows you to cover almost all materials while cutting, because you can adjust the speed according to your needs.

The 6 ampere motor is sufficient to handle most types of cuts common in residential and commercial projects. Moreover, the 4 orbital setting allows you to choose the cutting strength you want. In addition, there is a clever lock function on the button, allowing you to perform long-distance cutting effortlessly.

  • Up to 3200RPM
  • Keyless blade change clamp is very convenient
  • Oversized overmold on front and handle provides stable control

DeWalt is a leader in the power tool market, and DCS334B cordless jigsaw is a good example. The most worrying aspect of cordless tools is power and battery life, and the DCS334B provides a satisfactory answer.

DeWalt’s high-efficiency brushless motor runs on a 20V Max Li-ion platform and can provide speeds up to 3,200 spm. At the same time, the motor eliminates carbon brushes, resulting in lower operating temperatures, longer service life and less maintenance.

In order to provide multiple applications, it is equipped with 4-position orbital and variable speed dials, which can adjust the cutting according to your needs. Apart from these, the integrated dust blower can remove debris while you are working, with built-in LED lights to ensure maximum visibility and improve accuracy.

  • Keyless blade change clamp is very convenient
  • Compact size for easy grip

Bosch appears again, this barrel-grip jigsaw is deeply loved by users. The Bosch JS470EB uses a 7 amp motor and runs at speeds up to 3100 RPM, making it capable of handling everything from aluminum to cabinets. It has such a powerful power but can run smoothly, this is because it has a plunging system designed for low vibration inside.

Along with this, Bosch’s unique constant response circuit provides soft-start startup, which can maintain consistent performance even under load. In order to handle different materials, the variable speed dial can be set from 500 to 3,100rpm. At the same time, 4 orbital-action settings can provide different blade strokes to achieve smooth to violent cutting.

Finally, the ergonomic handle design provides maximum comfort during long hours of work.

  • The smart lock button enables you to make stable long cuts
  • The keyless blade change mechanism is very convenient, you can eject the hot blade without touching it
  • Durable large die-cast aluminum footplate
  • The included carrying case makes it easy to carry tools


Purchasing jigsaw seems to be a arduous process, there are many great models to choose from, and we hope this guide will help you make an informed decision.

Or, you may want to recommend a model to our readers. Tell us what you think in the comments below, we are happy to hear your opinion.

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