The 9 Best Reciprocating Saws In 2022 (Review & Guide)

Last Updated on January 24, 2022

The reciprocating saw, also known as sawzall, is a hand-held saw that is often used in building demolition work. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, you can easily use it to cut wood, metal, plastic and other materials, just quickly change the corresponding blade.

This article contains our review of the 9 best reciprocating saws.

Best 5 Corded Reciprocating Saw

Best Budget: Skil 9206-02

Best Medium-duty:  DeWalt DWE305

                            Makita JR3050T

Best Heavy-duty: Makita JR3070CT

                             Milwaukee 6538-21

Best 4 Cordless Reciprocating Saw

What to consider when buying

Corded or Cordless

The corded reciprocating saw is powered by electricity and is connected to the power supply through a cable, so it must be worked in a place with a power supply.

The cordless reciprocating saw is powered by a battery, and the running time is determined by the capacity of the battery. You can take it to work in a location where there is no power at all.


The power of the motor fundamentally determines the cutting ability of the saw. High-power saws can be used for heavy operations. Usually, the motor power is judged by ampere. Low-end and high-end devices range from 7.5 amps to 15 amps.

Stroke Speed and Stroke Length

The stroke speed describes the number of times the blade moves back and forth per minute(stroke per minute). The range of low-end and high-end devices is between 2,600 to 3,000 SPM.

The stroke length is the distance covered by the blade moving forward once. Most reciprocating saws have a stroke length of 1-1/8 or 1-1/4 inches.

The stroke speed and stroke length together determine the cutting speed of the reciprocating saw.

Variable Speed

Cutting different materials requires different speeds to ensure a clean cut. Generally, cutting metal requires a slower speed, and cutting wood must be stable and fast.


The reciprocating saw is a hand-held tool, and the heavy weight will make your hands feel tired quickly. Generally, a cordless saw is heavier than a corded saw, which is caused by batteries.

Best Reciprocating Saw Reviews

Skil 9206-02 is an affordable option, ideal for light work around houses and gardens. The 7.5 ampere motor provides sufficient power, whether you are cutting branches or 6-inch metal pipes, it can be perfectly competent.

The variable speed dial can customize the cutting speed, and use different cutting speeds for different materials, making your cutting easier.

  • Tool-less blade change
  • 2700 SPM
  • Heavy duty metal gear housing
  • Balancing technology to reduce vibration
  • When pressing the material, the pivoting shoe provides more stability and control

DeWalt DWE305 is an affordable and powerful tool. The 12 amp motor has enough power to complete most of the work, including some light construction work.

The blade can be locked in 4 directions to meet various requirements, which is really convenient.

With a weight of only 8 pounds, you will not feel tired even if you work for a long time. Rubber handle, shock absorption and ergonomic design, all of which provide you with better comfort and stability.

  • 2,900 SPM and 1-1/8″ stroke length provide fast and efficient cutting
  • With keyless, lever-action blade clamp, you can easily replace the blade
  • Variable speed trigger can control speed

Makita JR3050T’s dust management system is eye-catching. Its internal dust blower system can remove debris from the cutting line, helping to improve visibility.

11 amp motor, 2800rpm and 1-1/8 inch stroke length can cut wood, metal, plaster and other materials quickly and stably.

The design of all ball and needle bearing greatly improves the durability and service life of the tool.
  • Tool-less blade change
  • Two-finger variable speed trigger to control speed
  • The body is covered with a protective rubber sleeve to prevent dust from affecting the motor and bearings

Makita JR3070CT is a heavy-duty tool, 15 amp motor makes it like a beast. 1-1/4 inch long stroke and 2800rpm can cut faster.

6 different preset speeds are sufficient for various materials. The motor with electronic speed control allows it to maintain a constant speed under load.

Unique clutch assembly helps protect the gears when the blade is stuck. It can protect the saw to the utmost in high-intensity work.

Generally speaking, the higher the power of the reciprocating saw, the greater the vibration during operation. But the Makita JR3070CT uses Makita’s patented Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT) to reduce Vibration by up to two times, improving cutting accuracy and reducing operator fatigue.

  • 4-position orbital to facilitate cutting in all directions
  • Weight 10 pounds
  • Ergonomically designed rubber grip
  • Tool-less blade change and shoe adjustment

This is a powerful and fierce saw, called Super Sawzall. The 15 ampere motor has the highest overload protection in the industry, even if it works for a long time, the motor will not burn out.

Constant power technology can maintain a constant speed and power under load to ensure a smooth cutting process. The patented counter-balanced mechanism makes its vibration surprisingly low.

  • 2800 SPM, stroke length is 1-1/4 inch
  • Gear protection clutch extends the service life of gears and motors
  • Variable-speed trigger can control the cutting speed
  • Keyless Blade Clamp
  • Rugged 10-foot power cord

If you only do some simple, light cutting, BDCR20C is a good choice. It is cheap but full of functions; compact structure, light weight, very convenient to use.

A 20-volt battery and a motor that can provide 3,000 SPM are enough to handle most of the housework.

  • Tool-free blade change
  • Variable-speed trigger can control the cutting speed
  • Pivoting shoe for increased control
  • built-in electrical brake to ensure safety
  • Stroke length 7/8 inch

DeWalt DCS387B adopts a compact and lightweight design with a length of 14.75 inches, which can be cut in narrow spaces.

The 4-position blade clamp can set the blades in 4 directions, making the working mode more flexible.

Bright LED provides clear vision when working in dark environment.

This product only has the tool itself, no battery. DeWalt’s rechargeable batteries are universal, if you already have DeWalt’s rechargeable batteries at home, you can use it.

  • Stroke length 1-1/8 inch, 2900 rpm
  • Tool-free blade change
  • Variable-speed trigger can control the cutting speed
  • Pivoting shoe

DeWalt DCS367B can be seen as an upgraded version of DCS387B. Its biggest feature is the use of a brushless motor with higher efficiency. Compared with other saws, this saw will extend your use time by nearly 2.5 times.

This product also only has the tool itself, without battery.

  • 20V brushless motor
  • 1-1/8 inch stroke length, 2900 rpm
  • Keyless 4-Position Blade Clamp
  • Variable-speed trigger can control the cutting speed
  • Pivoting shoe
  • LED work light

Makita XRJ05T combines brushless motor technology and high-efficiency batteries to obtain first-class cutting performance and greatly increase working hours.

The 2-speed brushless motor provides a low speed of 2,300 SPM and a high speed of 3,000 SPM, matching different speeds according to different materials to ensure high cutting quality. 1-1/4 inch stroke length provides higher cutting efficiency.

Innovative crank mechanism design minimizes vibration.

XRJ05T adopts extreme protection technology (XPT) to ensure dustproof and waterproof performance, and can operate normally even in harsh environments.

  • The industry’s fastest charging 18V lithium-ion battery
  • Tool-free blade change
  • 2-finger large variable speed trigger
  • Built-in LED light with preglow and afterglow
  • Reinforced fixed shoe
  • Electric brake
  • Rubberized soft grip handle to improve your comfort


Through this article, I hope you have a clear understanding of the best reciprocating saws. Every reciprocating saw here has been carefully reviewed and can be trusted.

What do you think is the best cordless reciprocating saw?

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