How To Cut Straight With Circular Saw

Last Updated on November 26, 2021

The circular saw is a tool used to cut straight lines, but for novices, it is really difficult to cut straight lines with a circular saw. This article discusses simple tips on how to cut straight lines when using a circular saw.

This is the easiest way, but only if you have a circular saw track. Place the Acc-cut where you need to cut, then place the circular saw on it, and adjust the position of the Acc-cut. Lock the circular saw in the proper position in the Acc-cut, and now the circular saw can cut along the Acc-cut track to get a perfect straight line.

Use a Speed Square

Before using the speed square, ensure that the measurement is accurate, and then mark the cutting position. Then place the blade on the mark and place the speed square against the base plate. Push the base plate slowly and steadily towards the square for cutting.

Make your own cutting guide

Choose a long plank with vertical and smooth edges and a thin plywood. Glue the wood and plywood together, and then cut off the excess. So you have a homemade cutting guide. When using it, place it on the surface of the wood and fix it with two quick clamps. Then the circular saw cuts along it.

Other matters needing attention

Cutting depth

When using a circular saw to cut, you need to set the correct cutting depth, do not let the blade exceed 1/4 inch below the bottom edge of the board. If the cutting depth is too deep, the blade may get stuck or rebound, which can cause serious injury.

safety equipment

When performing the project, be sure to wear safety glasses and dust masks. To protect your eyes from sawdust and debris, and to help you stay away from the threat of lung disease

Safe operation

Before starting to cut, place the material to be cut on a stable surface and ensure that the cut part will not stick during the cutting process. For smaller workpieces, you can use workbenches and fixtures to fix, while for larger workpieces, you can use extension tables or roller brackets to fix.

Make sure the design of the circular saw matches your dominant hand. Most saws are designed for right-handed people, and the sawdust is usually discharged to the left side of the saw. So if you are left-handed, you need to use it carefully.

After starting the circular saw, wait until the blade speed reaches the maximum before cutting, otherwise the blade will be stuck easily. During the cutting process, stand on the side of the circular saw to avoid the danger of kickback.

During work, always keep your sight on the cutting line, this is the best way to keep your fingers safe.

After stopping the cutting, make sure that the protective cover is working properly. Before leaving, remember to disconnect the power.


It is not difficult to use a circular saw to obtain a perfect straight cut. You only need to use the above tips, but as a novice, you must pay attention to the safety during use.

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